#1: Who’s Jordan?

9 Jan

Hey everyone!

My name is Jordan and I am from Los Angeles, CA, an area where some are so consumed with the Kardashians and spotting Justin Bieber at froyo, that they don’t know about all the great non-profits around them. Ever since I moved to LA when I was ten, I knew that I didn’t want to be classified into the stereotypical Beverly Hills “jap” (Jewish American Princess) category, and instead would try to get involved in as many community service opportunities as possible. Maybe one day “jap” can stand for Jewish American Philanthropist?

I spent my weekends in middle school at a homeless shelter in Santa Monica with my temple, making and packing lunches to later distribute to a plethora of homeless people patiently waiting outside. Although my sandwich making skills definitely could have used some work, the extremely grateful look that the homeless people gave me as I distributed what could have been their only meal in days left a lasting impression on me.

Suddenly high school began and I found myself swamped with SAT tutors, AP tests, and seemingly endless piles of homework taking up my weekends. School became my life, therefore I had to find a way to have my love for community service on campus. A few friends and I started our school’s first Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter. I held the Vice President position, which included the role of advocacy. I found myself making announcements at assemblies about upcoming building days and posting flyers with fun facts about the chapter in order to educate my fellow students. After seeing the chapter start with just six members and grow to over a hundred by the time I graduated, I knew that Public Relations for Non-Profits would be a field I’d like to explore in college.

And that brings me to Writing 200! I can’t wait to learn how to build successful campaigns around non-profit organizations and how to help them meet their goals. Perhaps this class can give me an edge while interviewing for internships at PR firms that specialize in Non-Profits. Maybe I will even be able to pull up this blog and impress the interviewer?!

Happy blogging everyone! Check up next time to see which internship I am lucky enough to snag!


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